We are expanding our district heating network in Hundige, Greve and Karlslunde

We have experienced an increasing demand for district heating over the past years, not at least due to the governments decision to replace all gas heating in homes by 2030.  Already in 2021, Greve Fjernvarme has decided to expand its distribution area in Greve. In spring 2022 we published our expansion plans for the entire area east from the highway in Greve and Karlslunde, with a potential to connect 9.000 homes to our district heating network by 2038.

Phase 1 is starting in January 2023

During the first phase, we are aiming to connect 2.000 homes in Greve to our distribution net by 2026. We are expanding our distribution net gradually and, therefore, not all of 2.000 homes can be connected at the same time.

Phase 1 is divided into four stages (yellow areas on the map)

Stage 1 (2023 – 2024)

Stage 2 (2024 – 2025)

Stage 3 (2025 – 2026)

Stage 4 (2026)


The following map shows all areas where we are planning to expand over the coming years.

How much does it cost to get connected to the district heating network?

Since we can take advantage of large-scale construction work, we are offering homeowners in phase 1 a special connection fee of 34.995 kr. Our campaign price is valid until we have finished excavation and filling work at your address. If you want to be connected to our network at a later point, the connection fee will increase by 81.250 kr., because we must hire a new contractor just for you. 

The connection fee is covering the excavation and filling work to connect your home. The rest of our network expansion is financed by an investment-fee every new customer in phase 1 must pay for the next 30 years. The investment-fee is charged annually, as part of the heating bill. In 2023 the fee is 30 kr./m2 living space (according to the BBR property database).


How to join district heating?

If your house is part of phase 1 stage 1 you received direct mail from us. From January 2023 it will be possible to sign a contract with us online, which can be signed in e-Boks. You can find the sign-up form here 


District heating equipment

When you join district heating, you will also need district heating equipment. You can either acquire your own district heating equipment or subscribe the equipment directly from us.

Get a hassle-free installation with our subscription plan

Our subscription plan costs for 250 kr. /months and includes:

  • Delivery and installation of one of the best district heating units on the market
  • Inspection and maintenance services
  • Replacement of unit if necessary, with no extra charges
  • Removal of old oil / gas heating equipment

If you choose our subscription plan, the district heating equipment is our property. It is our responsibility to make sure the equipment is work properly all the time.

If you buy and install your own equipment

When you order the connection without the subscription plan, we will install the district heating pipe all the way to the district heating meter. You will have to buy your own equipment and hire a contractor to install the equipment. However, we will inspect your contractor’s installation of the equipment before commissioning.

What is district heating?

District heating is an affordable and reliable heating solution. It is also an energy-efficient choice because the majority is surplus heat, produced in the same process with electricity.

District heating is suitable for all types of houses. District heat is suitable for all kinds of properties, whether they are a new building or an old one changing its heating method. When you are changing the heating method, having a water circulating heating system is an advantage.

Who is Greve Fjernvarme and where does the heat come from?

We are a non-profit, customer-owned organization. Greve Fjernvarme handles the distribution of district heating to private consumers, business customers and institutions in Greve.

The heat is purchased internally from Vest­egnens Kraftvarmeselskab (VEKS) Transmission. The majority of the heat is supplied to VEKS from Avedøre CHP plant and the other CHP plants in Copenhagen and from the waste incineration plants ARGO and Vestforbrænding. Utilizing surplus heat under the VEKS system means much lower fuel consumption.

In fact 87% of the heat distributed in Greve Fjernvarmes network comes from CO2-neutral sources. (look at our Miljødeklaration 2021)

Any questions? Please, contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about connecting your property to the district heating network.